The Swedish Burma Committee’s campaigns’ goal is to highlight the human rights situation in Myanmar. For example, the focus for 2015 and 2016 was on the country’s historic elections, post-elections monitoring and discussions on the way forward. During 2013-2014, The Committee ran the information project ‘A Changing Burma’ with themes on issues that were relevant in the country, such as ethnic conflicts and foreign investments (including the country’s emerging textile industry and the monitoring of Swedish companies like Volvo and Scania which have business dealings in Myanmar).

Over 30 different informational events shedding light on human rights abuses such as forced relocation of internal refugees, sexual abuse as a weapon of war, torture of political prisoners and use of child soldiers, were held over 2011-2012. In 2010, the campaign that consisted of seminars, debate articles and various political meetings with Swedish officials was carried out and concentrated on Myanmar’s unfair electoral framework. In 2009, The Committee joined the global campaign ‘Free Burma’s Political Prisoners Now’ and campaigned alongside other solidarity organizations and the democracy movement in Myanmar; and also raised awareness on the exploitation of Myanmarese migrant workers in Thailand (who mostly arrive during the European tourist season in the winter months to find work and to flee the political oppression in their homeland). Manifestation mot MR-brott i Burma och Burmas icke-demokratiska konstitution på Sergels Torg i Stockholm 2011

Demonstration against human rights abuses and the non-democratic constitution in Myanmar, Sergels Torg, Stockholm 2011